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This Green Juice Margarita recipe post was made in partnership with Cocalero. Recipe and ideas are my own. These days it seems like the terms “balance” and “self-care” are being thrown around a bunch, especially on social media. If you go on Instagram, you can see a thousands of wellness bloggers pontificating on what these […]

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Mezcal Cocktails: “Kiwi Be Friends?”

There’s nothing like a couple perfectly balanced, tropical fruit and mezcal cocktails to transport you, even if momentarily, into the vacation mindset. And what’s a good vacation without your best bud by your side? I created this “Kiwi Be Friends?” cocktail because I love a good pun…but what I love even more is the balance […]

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A boozy slushie for summer sipping.

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The prettiest damn margarita you ever could taste.

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