Shipt Summer Cocktail Series Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water Cocktail Recipe

The Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water is the ultimate drink for summer! Featuring tequila, watermelon, fresh lime juice, jalapeño, and a splash of Topo Chico, this cocktail is a refreshing blend of sweet and spicy.

I partnered with Shipt to mix up the Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water Cocktail recipe! Recipe and ideas are my own.

Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

I’ve got the perfect cocktail for summer celebrations – the Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water! This vibrant drink combines the sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon with the crisp, refreshing taste of lime and the spicy kick of jalapeño. Add a splash of tequila and the effervescence of Topo Chico, and you’ve got a cocktail that’s as invigorating as it is delicious! The Tajin-rimmed glass adds an extra layer of flavor, giving every sip an extra kick. If you’re a fan of spicy margaritas, this quick and easy drink is perfect for any hot day, bringing a burst of summer to your glass!

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Ingredients for Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

  • Jalapeño: Fresh slices add a spicy kick to the cocktail. Adjust the amount based on your spice tolerance. If you prefer a milder drink, remove the seeds or use a less spicy pepper like poblano.
  • Lime Juice: Freshly squeezed lime juice adds a bright and tangy flavor. Bottled lime juice can be used in a pinch, but fresh is best.
  • Tequila: Opt for a quality blanco tequila for a smooth and clean taste. If you prefer a slightly different flavor profile, a reposado tequila works well too.
  • Watermelon Puree: Fresh watermelon puree adds natural sweetness and a vibrant color. Store bought watermelon juice works in a pinch.
  • Topo Chico Mineral Water: This sparkling mineral water adds effervescence and a crisp finish. Any sparkling water or soda water can be used as a substitute.
  • Tajin: A chili-lime seasoning used to rim the glass, adding a tangy and slightly spicy flavor with every sip.
  • Watermelon Slice and Lime Slice: For garnish, these add a fresh and attractive touch to the drink.
Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

How to Make Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

Crafting the Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water is a easy, making it perfect for hot summer days when you need to whip up a refreshing cocktail quick!

Start by running a lime wedge over the rim of a cocktail glass (you can check out my favorite glasses here) and dipping it in Tajin to coat. Next, add the jalapeño slices and lime juice to the prepared glass and gently muddle to release the flavors.

Fill the glass with ice, then pour in the tequila and watermelon puree. Top off with Topo Chico mineral water and give it a gentle stir to combine all the ingredients. Garnish with a slice of watermelon, lime, and additional jalapeño slices, if desired. Enjoy this refreshing and spicy cocktail immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make watermelon puree?

Start by cutting fresh watermelon into chunks, removing any seeds. Place the watermelon chunks in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. For a smoother consistency, you can strain the puree through a fine mesh sieve to remove any pulp. Use the puree immediately or store it in the refrigerator for up to a day.

What if I don’t have Tajin for the rim?

If you don’t have Tajin, you can use a mix of chili powder and salt or just salt for a simpler rim option.

Can I adjust the spiciness of the drink?

Yes! To make the drink less spicy, remove the seeds from the jalapeño slices or use fewer slices. A touch of simple syrup can sweeten the cocktail. For more heat, add extra jalapeño slices or let the slices sit in the drink longer before serving.

What type of tequila is best for this cocktail?

I recommend blanco tequila for this cocktail because of its clean and crisp flavor, which pairs well with the fresh watermelon and lime. However, you can also use reposado tequila for a slightly richer taste.

What if I don’t have Topo Chico?

You can substitute Topo Chico with any sparkling water or club soda. The key is to use a carbonated beverage to maintain the cocktail’s refreshing effervescence.

Can I make this drink less sweet?

To make the drink less sweet, use less watermelon puree or add more lime juice. You can also choose a tequila with a more robust flavor profile to balance the sweetness.

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Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water

The Spicy Watermelon Ranch Water is the ultimate drink for your summer! Featuring tequila, watermelon, jalapeño, and a splash of Topo Chico, this cocktail is a refreshing blend of sweet and spicy.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • 2 slices jalapeno, plus more for garnish
  • 3/4 oz lime juice
  • 1 1/2 oz tequila
  • 1 oz watermelon puree
  • 1/2 cup Topo Chico Mineral Water
  • Tajin, for rim
  • Watermelon slice, for garnish
  • Lime slice, for garnish


  • Run a lime wedge over the rim of a cocktail glass and sprinkle with Tajin until the rim is coated.
  • Add jalapeno slices and lime juice to the prepared glass and gently muddle. Fill the glass with ice. Add tequila, watermelon puree, Topo Chico and stir to combine.
  • If desired, garnish with watermelon, lime and jalapeno slices.
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