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The Best Food Photography Backdrops

Here’s an easy way to elevate your food and drink photography. Add a pop of color or texture with a photography backdrop! See what affordable options I use and how to DIY your food photography backdrops. 

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What’s a Backdrop?

When you’re taking food and beverage photos, start by setting up a backdrop behind your subject and props, and feel free to change it out depending on the scene. A backdrop is really important in photography because it can add color, and texture, or make your subject stand out even more. 

When I’m styling and shooting with food and beverages, I love adding a backdrop that will enhance my subject and the best part is I can typically buy my backdrops for under $20 so they’re affordable, reusable, and super easy to use!

DIY Your Own Food Photography Backdrops

If you’re just starting out on your photography journey, you know that everything can start to add up and it can become expensive. But, you don’t need the fanciest equipment to take the best photos. In fact, most of the props and backdrops I use are under $20! Here are a few of my favorite backdrops and where you can purchase them. 

  1. White Foam Board: linked here. Use this foam board as your base for mounting and sticking backdrops on. 
  1. Pearl Hexagon Peel & Stick Tiles: linked here. A great way to create a kitchen scene. These trendy hexagon tiles will also make a bright subject really stand out. 
  1. Kakofaci Blue Peel and Stick Tiles: linked here. This bright color and fun design create a stylish scene. 
  1. Teal Subway Peel & Stick Tiles: linked here. A perfect pop of color for your summertime subjects. I also recommend getting these in multiple colors, I like using these Pink Peel & Stick Subway Tiles.

Additional backdrops: 

Now that you know what backdrops are and how to find them or create them affordable, which one do you like the best?

More Photography Resources

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