$20 Food Photography Setup

Budget Food Photography Setup

Here’s one myth I would like to dispel…

“Food photography is so expensive because I need the best camera and equipment to have beautiful photos!”

Sure, you can buy all that fancy equipment, but great equipment doesn’t automatically mean great photos. Let me fill you in on a secret… Food photography DOESN’T have to be expensive, seriously!

All you need is $20 and a little creativity to create a gorgeous setup! Personally, one of my favorite props is using greenery from my backyard.

If you’ve watched the video above then you know that you can style a beautiful scene for less than $20 and SPOILER ALERT, no fancy equipment is necessary…

Here’s what we use:

2 pieces 20×30 white foam board: I bought these –> (https://www.walmart.com/grocery/ip/Elmer-s-Foam-Board-20-x-30-Inches-3-16-Inch-Thickness-White-1-Count/)
We use these as our backdrop and bounce card! They create a white backdrop behind the scene and bounce the light from your window back at your subject.

Waterproof paper photography surface: A good background can go a long way and create a cohesive look for your photos.

Ingredients from the food or drink as props: The easiest (and least expensive way) to spice up your photos is by placing some of the ingredients in the shot.

Greenery from our yard: If you have a garden that’s in bloom or a bush that needs a trim, incorporate them in your shot for a pop of color or an earthy element. We have eucalyptus in the backyard, and you can probably spot it in a ton of our photos on Instagram.

A shirt or blouse:
A simple way to add more depth to your image is by including a linen but if you don’t have a photo worthy linen, you can use a blouse or shirt.

If you’re interested in taking your photos to the next level, check out my free video about how to get started with food photography on a budget!

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