Creamy Dragon fruit margarita

5 of the Best Mocktails for Dry January

Dry January never tasted so good! Here are some of my favorite tasty mocktails for every day of the week!

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Monday: Creamy Dragonfruit Mockarita

Creamy Dragon fruit margarita

The Creamy Dragon Fruit Mockarita was originally a tropical twist on the classic margarita. It was so luxurious and bright with fresh dragon fruit, you’ll barely notice it doesn’t have any tequila in it! This mocktail combines the vibrant flavor of red dragon fruit with coconut cream, zesty lime, and a hint of agave in a gorgeous Gatsby Tumbler from Viski.

If you can’t find fresh red dragon fruit, you can sub with white dragon fruit or frozen. In a pinch, bottled lime juice works here too. While I recommend unsweetened canned coconut cream, you can also use canned coconut milk or cream of coconut and adjust agave accordingly.

Tuesday: Pineapple Coconut Mockarita

Pineapple Coconut Mockarita Dry January

This non-alcoholic, pineapple-based drink includes sweet pineapple, hydrating coconut water, refreshing lime, plus a few other fun ingredients. If you have fresh pineapple on hand, feel free to juice your own. I use 100% pineapple juice and it tastes just as great! Canned coconut milk creates the creaminess in this drink, so make sure to shake the can up before using.

I like coconut water to complement the other tropical notes. A pinch of sea salt balances out the sweet and citrusy flavors and a toasted coconut rim is a taste of the tropics in every sip! The gold-rimmed Meridian Tumbler from Viski is the perfect glass to highlight the brightness in this drink. A mockarita is just combining the elements of a mocktail and a margarita – perfect for Dry January!

Wednesday: Ruby Wonderland Mocktail

Ruby Wonderland Cocktail

The Ruby Wonderland Mocktail was inspired during the holidays, so it’s the perfect drink to transition into Dry January. It boasts sweetness, slightly tart notes, and a bubbly finish. Grapefruit is in season in the winter months and fresh juice makes all the difference in this drink!

Swap out sparkling wine for a non-alcoholic version like Tost. There are more non-alcoholic bitters available than you may realize, I recommend using orange bitters in this recipe. I love Viski’s Seneca Faceted Coupe Glass for the ultimate sophisticated vibes. A slice of grapefruit, fragrant rosemary, and star anise top this mocktail for a classy garnish!

Thursday: Cranberry Bramble Mocktail

Cranberry Bramble Mocktail

The holidays may be behind us, but this Cranberry Bramble Mocktail pops with festive flare! Cranberry sauce, coconut water, and lemon juice are the base for this drink. I added sparkling water and fresh lemon juice for a delicious and refreshing drink I keep coming back to!

I had homemade simple syrup on hand, but you can always use store bought. The cranberry sauce and lemon juice make this a tangy and tart mocktail, so sweeten to your preference. Garnish with aromatic fresh rosemary and cranberries! I poured this up in Viski’s Meridian Crystal Tumbler for an extra touch of glam.

Friday: Baby Blue Colada Mocktail

Baby Blue Colada Mocktail

To celebrate the gender reveal of our kiddo, I had so much fun crafting up this Baby Blue Colada Mocktail! It’s an elevated riff on a Virgin Piña Colada with a vibrant blue hue from DaVinci’s Blue Raspberry Syrup.

Pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut water, coconut milk, and a pinch of ground nutmeg make for a fun mocktail that I was sipping on repeat, so you’ll love adding this to your Dry January line up! I used the Gatsby Tumbler from Viski when mixing up this mocktail. This is the perfect unique and tasty beverage to wind down a week of non-alcoholic sipping!

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