Best Glassware for your Cocktails

The Best Glassware for your Cocktails

Let’s talk glassware! It’s the easiest way to upgrade your mixed drinks and take them from boring to amazing in no time. And let’s face it, sipping on your favorite cocktails and mocktails in style is wayyyy more fun! Check out some of my go-to glasses that I use and where to purchase them.

Coupe Glasses

This iconic glass is a favorite among bartenders and mixologists. Coupe glasses come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for decadent cocktails like this Garden Gin Sour or this Almond Espresso Martini but they can also be used as a vessel for serving desserts like this Sparkler Granita or Raspberry Rose Champagne Float. However, it doesn’t matter what drink or dessert you have in your coupe because this unique glass makes anything look stylish. Here are a few of my favorite coupe glasses!

  1. Crate and Barrel Aella Coupe Glass
  2. Crate and Barrel Wolcott Optic Coupe Glass
  3. Crate and Barrel Pryce Gold Coupe
  4. Bomshbee Chandelier Kalos

Stemless Glasses

If you like the ability to grip your drink entirely, then a stemless glass will be your best friend. I use these glasses for cocktails like the Cucumber Vodka Soda or the Baby Blue Colada Mocktail. But this glass can also be used for icy or slushie cocktails like the Boozy Fruit Punch Slush. It’s a great way to present and enjoy a range of drinks. Check out some of my favorites!

  1. Viski Belmont Drinking Glass – you can purchase the set on Wayfair, but it’s no longer available on Viski. 
  2. Bomshbee Ring DOF
  3. Aella Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Wine Glass

Wine glasses are a great way to not only enjoy wine, but also you’re favorite wine cocktails and seasonal spritzes like this Winter Citrus Aperol Spritz! This wine glass from Crate and Barrel is a must-have! Its modern shape a skinny stem make it super unique to use or even display on your bar cart at home. 

  1. Crate and Barrel Edge White Wine Glass

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