Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

The Perfect Boozy Slushy – Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

The Spiked Fruit Punch Slush is a delicious mix of nostalgic fruit punch flavors, blended to perfection. It’s the perfect frozen cocktail to enjoy in the sun or poolside.

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I partnered with Kinky Beverages® to blend up this recipe. Recipe and ideas are my own.

The Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

Looking for a refreshingly sweet treat to beat the summer heat? Look no further! The Spiked Fruit Punch Slush is a delicious way to kick off your summer festivities. With temperatures heating up, you’ll need something frozen (and spiked) to sip on while you’re doing some of your favorite summer activities, like hanging out at the pool or soaking up the sun in your backyard. 

So, grab your favorite frozen fruit. I recommend frozen pineapple and frozen berries and blend them with some refreshing and hydrating juices, ice, vodka, and the most important ingredient, Kinky Fruit Punch! It’s an exciting burst of flavors from the first sip to the last. 

Whether you like sipping on a cold refreshing beverage or an icy popsicle, The spiked Fruit Punch Slush is the best of both worlds. Because nothing helps cool you down faster than an icy treat, and I’m loving the Spiked Fruit Punch Slush for the occasion!

Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

What Alcohol to Use in a Boozy Slush

Vodka, rum and tequila all work really well in frozen cocktails. For this particular cocktail, I wanted to bring in the nostalgic fruit punch flavors, which is where Kinky Fruit Punch Liqueur comes in! 

Sweet, fruity, and tropical flavors pair perfectly with the Kinky Fruit Punch. Kinky Fruit Punch Liqueur is a delicious fusion of premium vodka distilled 5 times that’s bursting with fresh fruit flavors like cherry, orange, and pineapple. 

For this recipe, I also added in some Kinky Vodka which is a great spirit to mix with bright berry and citrus flavors because it balances really well with a bunch of ingredients!

Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

Ingredients for the Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

This recipe is all about refreshing layers! Find your favorite frozen fruit combos or use the following ingredients to achieve the most delicious Spiked Fruit Punch Slush. Here are the ingredients I used! 

  • Kinky Fruit Punch: This liqueur is a fun fusion of premium vodka distilled 5 times that’s bursting with fruit flavors like cherries, pineapple, and orange!
  • Kinky Vodka: Any high-quality vodka will do great in this recipe, but this recipe would work great with tequila or rum instead!
  • Frozen pineapple: Frozen pineapple adds some tropical flavors and creates the perfect consistency. Frozen mango or peach could work instead.
  • Frozen strawberries: I love strawberries but any frozen berry could work in this recipe!
  • Orange juice: a splash of fresh juice like OJ gives this slush some bright citrus notes which balance beautifully with the berry and vodka. Use pineapple or mango juice if you don’t have OJ on hand.
  • Coconut Water: I love adding some extra hydration into my summer drinks! Coconut water adds a bit of a coconut taste without being too overpowering.
  • Edible flowers and pineapple slices: These garnishes bring the whole cocktail together for a gorgeous sipper, that not only tastes amazing but also looks beautiful too.
Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

How to Make the Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

For this recipe I made two separate layers to combine on top of each other for the ultimate refreshment! Here are a few notes to consider: 

  • Alcohol melts ingredients quickly, so make sure you have enough ice to achieve the slush consistency 
  • Keep layer one in the freezer while your blending layer 2 for optimal coldness 

Start by blending the first layer of ingredients together. This is the Pineapple Orange layer and it consists of frozen pineapple, ice, vodka, and orange juice blended together until it’s a smooth yet icy consistency. Add this mixture in a glass and keep it in the freezer until the next layer is ready to be poured on top. Once you’ve done a quick rinse of your blender, start the next layer.  

For the second layer or the Berry Fruit Punch layer, blend together frozen strawberries, ice, Kinky Fruit Punch, and coconut water. The consistency should be the same as the previous layer with no chunks of fruit yet a little bit of an icy texture. Grab your first Pineapple Orange layer from the freezer and add the Berry Fruit Punch layer on top. This will create a beautiful look with fun bright colors for that perfect tiki cocktail look!  

This icy treat isn’t complete without a tropical touch. Add a garnish like an edible flower or a pineapple slice and remember to enjoy this refreshment immediately but also responsibly! 

Kinky Beverages® carries a range of delicious liqueurs and spirits that upgrade any drink. Their premium products are available online and nationwide. Find your signature flavor and see where you can pick up a bottle here!

Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

More Summery Recipes to Try

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Spiked Fruit Punch Slush

The Spiked Fruit Punch Slush is made with Kinky Fruit Punch, vodka, strawberries, pineapple orange juice and coconut water for the perfect nostalgic frozen cocktail!
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cocktail, frozen cocktail, fruit punch slush, summer cocktail, vodka cocktail
Yield: 2 cocktails
Author: Carolyn Pascual


  • Blender
  • Glasses


Layer 1 – Pineapple Orange

  • oz Kinky Vodka
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • ¾ cup ice
  • ½ cup orange juice

Layer 2 – Berry Fruit Punch

  • 2 oz Kinky Fruit Punch
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • ¾ cup ice
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • Garnish: edible flowers, pineapple slice


  • Add all ingredients for layer 1 to a blender and blend until smooth. Hold the mixture in the freezer while making the second layer.
  • Add all ingredients for layer 2 ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.
  • To serve, divide the pineapple orange mixture into 2 cocktail glasses. Layer the berry fruit punch mixture on top. Garnish each with a pineapple slice and edible flower and enjoy immediately!

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