Mango Rum Swizzle

Mango Rum Swizzle

This cocktail is a fruity, tart, and frothy refreshment that’s ideal for the hot days ahead. The Mango Rum Swizzle packs a lot of flavor in a small glass, so it’s an easy cocktail to sip on all summer long. From your first sip to your last, you’ll be wanting more than one of these delicious mixed drinks!

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I partnered with Copalli Rum to create this delicious cocktail. Recipe and ideas are my own.

Mango Rum Swizzle

What is a Rum Swizzle?

A Rum Swizzle can be defined as any rum-based tipple inclusive of some sort of sugar and citrus that’s mixed together using a swizzle stick or a bar spoon

The Rum Swizzle isn’t so much named after the ingredients, but more so the technique that’s used to achieve the frothy end result! And adding a spirit like rum to this libation is the perfect liquor for the summertime to give you that tiki-cocktail feel. So I knew I had to create this incredible cocktail with a premium rum! 

Cue Copalli Rum, a specialty organic single-estate rum made from organic, heirloom sugar cane, canopy water, and yeast sourced from an all-organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize! They offer 3 unique varieties – White Rum, Barrel Rested Rum, and Cacao Rum and for this recipe, I used the Copalli White Rum.

Mango Rum Swizzle

The History of the Rum Swizzle

The Rum Swizzle is often referred to as “Bermuda’s National Drink.” But this cocktail is so much more. It brings a whole lot of flavor in a small glass and my favorite part about a Swizzle? Not one recipe is the same and that’s what makes it so special! This mixed drink is a blend of fruit juices, citrus, bitters, and Copalli Rum, making it one irresistible creation.

So, move aside Dark N’ Stormy because there’s a new rum-based cocktail in town and right in time for summer! The Mango Rum Swizzle is a glass of excitement from start to finish!

Mango Rum Swizzle

Ingredients for the Mango Rum Swizzle

After doing some research on the specialty Rum Swizzle I found that this cocktail comes in all different forms. In fact, riffs on the Rum Swizzle are encouraged. I decided to mix mine with some exciting ingredients like mango juice and fresh mint leaves. What would you add to yours?

  • Copalli White Rum: This premium rum is a blend of organic heirloom sugar cane, canopy water, and yeast sourced from an all organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.This white rum has a smooth finish that’s great served straight on the rocks or in a cocktail such as this one. Tasting notes include fruits, strawberry, lime, and citrus zest.
  • Mint leaves: Fresh and herbaceous, adding mint leaves to this cocktails gives it the depth I love in a cocktail.
  • Simple syrup: This ingredient adds a hint of sweetness and infuses harmoniously with the mint and lime juice for the perfect base of this cocktail. Agave syrup and honey could also be interchangeable for the simple syrup, but you may have to add in a little more to achieve your desired sweetness. 
  • Lime juice: a touch of lime juice with the mint and simple syrup creates the trifecta of flavors that acts as the base for the Mango Rum Swizzle, plus it’s a great way to add a touch of acidic flavor. 
  • Mango juice: The ideal fruit juice to mix with this drink, it’s sweet and balances with the rum perfectly. This can be substituted with pineapple juice or orange juice 
  • Bitters: I used Peychaud’s Bitters to top this cocktail with. This ingredient is an aromatic bitter known for its tart, earthy, and fruity flavors which add just a bit of spice.
  • Mint leaf, orchid flower, and lime round: Garnish with one of these 3 options, or if you really want to “wow” you and your guests, top the Mango Rum Swizzle with all 3 garnishes for a complete finish!
Mango Rum Swizzle

How to Make the Mango Rum Swizzle

It’s said that there’s no wrong way to make a swizzle and that’s something I support since I love to have fun with ingredients while keeping it simple! Here are a few notes for this recipe.

  • I used white rum, but this could be substituted for a dark rum, or one of Copalli Rum’s other varietals – Barrel Rest Rum and Cacao Rum.
  • Don’t have any mango juice? Try exchanging that for a splash of pineapple juice and orange juice! 

I started the Mango Rum Swizzle by adding fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice to a double old fashioned glass. Muddle, muddle, muddle until the mint flavor infuses the simple syrup and lime juice. If you need to let these flavors infuse for a few moments, you can do that too. This will be the base of your Swizzle. 

Next, fill the same glass halfway with crushed ice, and here comes the best part! Add Copalli White Rum and mango juice to the glass. Next, grab your swizzle stick (or bar spoon if you don’t have one) and hold it between your palms. Slide them against each other, spinning the spoon until the liquid is combined and frothy. If you need to, add more crushed ice and top with a few dashes of bitters. Remember to garnish with a mint sprig, orchid flower, and lime round for the finished look!

And if you’re like me and enjoy ordering products from the comfort of your home, then choose from four online retailers here or add your zip code and find a store that sells Copalli Rum nearest you!

Mango Rum Swizzle

Tell Me More About Copalli Rum!

Copalli Rum has an exciting and intriguing story from their origins to all of their organic ingredients and putting it all together through their distillation process. 

Here’s some exciting press about the company that backs up what they do! Not only are they receiving accolades for their achievements, but the company is also supporting sustainable efforts by creating their clean rum with just three ingredients! Fun Fact – Their farm is home to the first certified organic farm in Belize! Check out more about what they’re doing here.

Mango Rum Swizzle

More Rum Based Recipes to Try

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If you make this recipes, make sure to tag me on Instagram! And Let me know what you think in a comment below!

Mango Rum Swizzle

Mango Rum Swizzle

The Mango Rum Swizzle is made with Copalli Rum, mint leaves, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, mango juice, and bitters!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1


Double Old Fashioned Glass
Swizzle stick or bar spoon


  • 10 mint leaves
  • ¾ oz simple syrup
  • ½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 oz Copalli White Rum
  • 2 oz mango juice
  • 4 dashes bitters (I used Peychaud’s Bitters)
  • Garnish: Mint, orchid, lime


  • Add mint, simple syrup and lime juice to a double old fashioned glass and muddle. Fill glass halfway with crushed ice.
  • Add Copalli White Rum and mango juice. Hold a swizzle stick or bar spoon between your palms and slide them against each other, spinning the spoon until the liquid is combined and frothy.
  • Add more crushed ice and top with bitters.
  • Garnish with a mint sprig, orchid and lime round.
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