Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float

Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float

Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float

This Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float recipe post was made in partnership with Ricura Horchata. Recipe and ideas are my own.

This Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float is the drink to make when it’s just too hot outside to deal. Isn’t it ironic that just as summer is technically ending, the heat in Southern California reaches unprecedented heights for the calendar year? Yes, it’s September and yesterday it was 85 degrees. But I’m not complaining because the longer it’s super hot outside, the more days in a row I can eat ice cream to beat the heat. That’s how you think of things, right?

Made with Ricura Horchata liqueur, this cocktail is the perfect balance between fruity, tart, and creamy. It all starts with homemade hibiscus tea that’s actually super easy to make, because all you have to do is boil all the ingredients for the tea together, and then let it cool. Once you have that, scoop some of your favorite vanilla ice cream into a glass, add your Ricura Horchata, and then fill to the top with your homemade tea!

Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float

Most importantly, this drink looks as amazing as it tastes. Make it look extra pretty by adding a few fresh raspberries into the picture!

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Boozy Horchata Hibiscus Float

Yield: 1 serving


  • 3 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
  • 2 oz Ricura Horchata
  • 4 oz hibiscus iced tea (1 part Hibiscus Concentrate to 4 parts water)
  • raspberries for garnish

Hibiscus Concentrate

  • ¾ cup dried hibiscus flowers or 5 hibiscus tea bags
  • 2 cups water
  • ½ cup sugar


  • Add ice cream to a glass. Pour in Ricura Horchata and hibiscus iced tea. Top with fresh raspberries and enjoy.

Hibiscus Iced Tea

  • Add all ingredients to a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer ingredients for 10 minutes. Allow ingredients to cool. Strain tea and chill.

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