Apple Cider Fizz

Apple Cider Cocktail

This 4-ingredient cocktail is the perfect fall cocktail for all of your festivities! It’s made with fresh apple cider, zesty citrus vodka, sparkling champagne, and club soda. 

This Apple Cider Fizz recipe post was made in partnership with Lulus. Recipe and ideas are my own.

Apple Cider Cocktail

The Apple Cider Fizz

Feeling fizzy and ready for fall? Get into the spirit with the Apple Cider Fizz! It’s the PERFECT fusion of autumn flavors with a burst of spice, zest of citrus, and an effervescent finish! If you’re tired of pumpkin spice, then give the Apple Cider Fizz a shot.

Apple Cider Fizz

What Else Can You Mix With Apple Cider Fizz?

For this creation, I mixed fresh apple cider with citrus vodka, champagne, and club soda (seriously it’s that simple). If you’re not sure what citrus vodka to buy, here’s a great guide. Or you can get creative and swap out the citrus vodka for regular vodka and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or orange juice. 

One other option, exclude the citrus vodka and opt for a squeeze of fresh citrus juice for a lower ABV cocktail. You’ll still get all the fizz without all the liquor. But, let me tell you, this cocktail is amazing just the way it is. Every ingredient plays a role in the refreshing finished product which boasts spiced, zesty, fruit, effervescent notes. Do I need to say more?!

Ingredients for the Apple Cider Fizz

This may be one the simplest fall cocktails to make! It includes only 4 ingredients and takes just a few minutes to stir up! Check out what I used to make this fun, fresh and boozy Apple Cider Fizz.  

  • Apple cider: Is there anything better than fresh apple cider in the autumn time. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and fall spices. You can typically find fresh apple cider at your local supermarket. For a more fun option, head to an apple orchard and pick some up there. 
  • Citrus vodka: you can find citrus vodka at your grocery store or a liquor store but a few options for this drink include Absolut Citron Vodka or Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka. If you’re not interested in buying a whole bottle of citrus vodka you can always opt to use regular vodka with a squeeze of fresh citrus juice or infuse your own. 
  • Champagne: Depending on how sweet you like your cocktails will depend upon which champagne you use. If you enjoy a less sweet cocktail, try using a dryer Champagne like a Brut or if you prefer a sweeter finish, try a demi-sec champagne. 
  • Club soda: for a bubbly finish, top this cocktail with some club soda. You can use Schweppes or Canada Dry. If you don’t like club soda, an original-flavored sparkling water works too!
  • Garnish: Top this specialty cocktail with an apple slice and edible flower, you can purchase edible flowers at a specialty market or online from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals.
Apple Cider Fizz

How to Make the Apple Cider Fizz

This may be the simplest cocktail you ever make! Start by filling a wine glass with fresh ice. Add in the citrus vodka, apple cider, champagne and stir the ingredients with a bar spoon. Then top with the club soda, I prefer my fizzes extra fizzy so I use about 1½ ounces. But, if you prefer a little less bubbles, then keep it closer to a ½ ounce to an 1 ounce. Last step, but maybe the most important is to top your Apple Cider Fizz with an apple slice and edible flower. Remember to serve immediately and enjoy! 

For the full recipe, head to Lulus blog post!

P.S. This cocktail recipe can easily be doubled. So, grab a friend, an extra wine glass, and enjoy!

Apple Cider Fizz

The Perfect Outfit for Fall Events

I partnered with Lulus to create this refreshing Apple Cider Fizz for all your fall activities, and this spritz is ideal for alllll types of events, specifically happy hour with the girls or even Thanksgiving with the family. 

And what pairs better with a fizzy cocktail than a classy fall outfit?! Whether you’re planning a Friday night happy hour with the gals or already thinking about what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner, the Apple Cider Fizz should be right by your side. I’m pairing this classy cocktail with a few of my favorite Lulus items like the Lust or Love Cream Embroidered Lace Dress, the Raymay Tan Suede Cutout Peep-Toe Ankle Booties, and the So Many Words Tan Fedora Hat!

Apple Cider Fizz

More Apple Cocktail Recipes

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