Grapefruit Rose Mocktail Spritz

4 Refreshing Spritz Recipes to Try

It’s officially Spritz Season! These light and bubbly beverages are perfect for enjoying the warm weather. Whether it’s floral and refreshing, fruity and sweet, low ABV, or a mocktail, these spritz recipes are perfect for everyone to sip on!

Grapefruit Rose Spritz

Grapefruit Rose Mocktail Spritz

This elegant drink is bursting with floral and citrus notes. Fresh grapefruit juice meets fragrant rosewater, balanced by a touch of sweetness from grapefruit zest and sugar. Sparkling water and fruit kombucha complete the delightful fizz for the perfect summer mocktail!

Sweet Peach Passion Fruit Spritz

Sweet Peach Passion Fruit Spritz

This vibrant low ABV spritz is a flavor explosion! Sweet peaches and tangy passion fruit mingle with a hint of botanical gin (like Hendrick’s or The Botanist). Peach nectar adds sweetness, while lemon juice provides a balancing tartness. Garnish with edible flowers for an extra pop of color!

Sweet Le-Mom Spritz

sweet le mom spritz

This is the perfect drink long after Mother’s Day! Lillet Blanc, a floral liqueur, complements gin and a touch of red dragon fruit (white dragon fruit or kiwi work too). Lemon soda adds a refreshing citrus twist, and a butterfly pea flower ice sphere creates a gorgeous visual. Garnish with a lemon round and edible flowers!

Tropical Tangerine Aperol Spritz

Tropical Tangerine Aperol Spritz

Pineapple-infused Aperol (an Italian orange liqueur) adds a touch of brightness, while tangerine juice brings a burst of tang. Prosecco is the bubbly base, and sparkling water keeps it light and refreshing. Complete this spritz with a pineapple slice, a tangerine wedge, or even edible flowers for an Insta-worthy drink!

More Spritz Recipes to Try

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