How to Host DIY Taco & Marg Night with FLYBIRD!

This DIY Taco & Marg Night pairing post was made in partnership with FLYBIRD Cocktails. Recipe and ideas are my own.

One cocktail that never goes out of season is a margarita. Especially if it’s Taco Tuesday, then I’m always in the mood for something on the rocks and with Tajin around the rim. And in my opinion, the best way to enjoy a refreshing margarita is with a delicious taco… It’s the perfect pair!

I’m excited to partner with FLYBIRD because they make it so easy to host Taco Tuesday with their light and refreshing margaritas. I paired FLYBIRD’s Baja Lime Margarita with my favorite dinner – a DIY taco bar! Complete with pollo asada and all the best taco fixings – sour cream, shredded cheese, crunchy red cabbage, sliced radishes, fresh jalapeno, chopped cilantro, and spicy salsa all wrapped up in crispy taco shells or flour tortillas. Could it get any better?!

The Baja Lime and Strawberry Margarita are bursting with all-natural ingredients and Mexican agave wine. You may be wondering, “what’s agave wine?” Let me explain! It’s produced similarly to tequila with agave leaves collected, harvested, and cooked. From that process, honey water is collected, fermented, and filtered. Then, Blanco tequila is added which creates the Mexican agave wine. It has a lighter taste in comparison to tequila which in my opinion, makes it easier to enjoy because it doesn’t leave a boozy aftertaste. It’s a unique process that gives FLYBIRD Margaritas its signature flavor. 

The brand’s ultimate goal is to take the work out of home mixology and make it a simple and enjoyable experience. So, for your next Taco Tuesday, grab a bottle (or two) of FLYBIRD Margaritas and pair them with your DIY taco bar. All you have to do is open the bottle, pour the cocktail over ice, and enjoy with the taco of your choice! 

If you’re curious about where to purchase FLYBIRD Cocktails, check here or at your local Ralph’s, Sprouts, or Cost Plus World Market.

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