Cucumber Bee’s Knees

This simple gin and citrus cocktail pairs beautifully with food. If you love citrus as much as I do, I highly recommend using a citrus-forward gin to enhance the brightness of this drink. I used Tanqueray Rangpur, which is made with Rangpur limes and has hints of mandarin orange. I really loved the added citrus in this cocktail but I think lots of different gins would work well in this one.


Cucumber Bee’s Knees

Yield: 2 cocktails


  • 6 cucumber slices
  • 1 ½ oz honey syrup (3:1 honey to hot water)
  • 2 oz fresh lemon juice (2 medium lemons)
  • 4 oz Tanqueray Rangpur or gin of choice


  • Muddle cucumber and honey syrup in a cocktail tin. Add lemon juice, gin and ice to the tin. Shake vigorously until the outside of the tin is chilled. Strain into 2 glasses.



Pair Your Cocktail With


Pair your cocktail with Lemon-Marinated Zucchini and Shrimp Crostini. When pairing, first take a sip of your cocktail then a bite of your appetizer. Take one more sip of your cocktail to see what the flavors of the food bring out in your cocktail. The citrus-forward cocktail will brighten and enhance the shrimp, just like a squeeze of lemon does!

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