Amoretti Tropical Mojito

Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail

Transport to paradise with the Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail! Featuring Amoretti’s Tropical Beverage Infusion, white rum, fresh mint, lime juice, and sparkling water.

I partnered with Amoretti to mix up the Tropical Mojito Cocktail recipe! Recipe and ideas are my own.

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Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail

I’m embracing the laid-back vibes of the tropics with the Amoretti Tropical Mojito, a refreshing cocktail that combines the goodness of real fruit flavors with the classic charm of a mojito. Amoretti’s Tropical Beverage Infusion imparts the cocktail with the authentic essence of passion fruit, strawberry, peach, and orange. I love that they’re naturally flavored, preservative free, and crafted in Southern California. Use my code SOCIALSIPPER10 to get $10 off your Amoretti purchase!

Fresh ingredients is key with this mojito, so look for bright green mint and limes that are prime for juicing! I recommend white rum for this. Its smooth and clean taste perfectly complements the vibrant fruit infusion. I used plain sparkling water here, but feel free to experience with other flavors like strawberry, peach, or orange. Cheers!

About Amoretti

Amoretti is a company that offers a variety of high-quality flavorings, including the Tropical Beverage Infusion used in this recipe. They are known for their handcrafted beverage infusions that are made with real fruit and natural ingredients. Their infusions are shelf-stable, making them a convenient way to add flavor to your favorite drinks. Amoretti also offers a variety of other products, including extracts, syrups, and emulsions. Their website is a great resource to explore all the different ways you can use their products to add flavor and creativity to your culinary endeavors.

Ingredients for the Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail

  • Amoretti Tropical Beverage Infusion: This infusion combines vibrant and real fruit flavors of passion fruit, strawberry, peach, and orange.
  • Fresh Mint Leaves: Mint is a classic mojito ingredient and adds a refreshing and aromatic touch to the cocktail.
  • White Rum: Opt for a quality white rum for a smooth and well-balanced base. I used Bacardi.
  • Fresh Lime Juice: A citrusy kick that complements the tropical infusion.
  • Club Soda: Bubbles lighten up the cocktail. I like LaCroix.
amoretti tropical mojito

How to Make the Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail

Creating your tropical escape in a glass is a breeze with the Amoretti Tropical Mojito! Start by adding fresh mint leaves to a cocktail glass and lightly muddle them to release their flavors. Next add lime juice, Amoretti Tropical Beverage Infusion, white rum, club soda, and ice to the glass. Stir the ingredients together gently.

For an extra touch of paradise, garnish with strawberry slices, mint, lime, and edible flowers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific brands of white rum you recommend for the Amoretti Tropical Mojito?

While personal preference plays a role, I suggest opting for a quality white rum with a smooth and clean taste. Premium choices like Bacardi or Mount Gay complement the vibrant fruit flavors seamlessly.

Can I use a different rum for the Amoretti Tropical Mojito?

Yes! While white rum is the classic choice, feel free to experiment with different rum varieties to find your preferred flavor profile. Whether it’s a light rum or a flavored rum, the Amoretti Tropical Mojito is adaptable to rum preferences.

Can I use Amoretti Tropical Beverage Infusion in beverages other than cocktails?

Absolutely! The versatility of the infusion allows you to explore various drink options. Try adding it to mocktails, lemonades, or even sparkling water for a burst of tropical flavor without the alcohol.

How long does the Amoretti Tropical Mojito stay fresh after preparation?

For the best taste, it’s recommended to consume the cocktail shortly after preparation. However, if needed, you can refrigerate the mixture (excluding the sparkling water) for a day or two, adding the club soda just before serving for optimal freshness.

Can I make a large batch of the Amoretti Tropical Mojito for a party?

Yes, simply adjust the quantities accordingly and prepare a pitcher in advance for convenient serving. The flavors tend to meld even better over time, so preparing it ahead enhances the overall taste.

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Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail

The Amoretti Tropical Mojito Cocktail features Amoretti's Tropical Beverage Infusion, white rum, fresh mint, lime juice, and sparkling water.
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: amoretti, mojito, rum cocktail, rum drink, Spring Cocktail, summer cocktail, summer cocktail recipe, tropical
Yield: 1


  • 2 pumps Amoretti Tropical Beverage Infusion
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 oz white rum
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 oz club soda


  • Add mint to a cocktail glass and lightly muddle. Add lime juice, Amoretti Tropical Beverage Infusion, rum, club soda and ice. Stir to combine.
  • If desired, garnish with strawberry slices, mint, lime and an edible flower.

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