5 Reasons Your Food Photos Suck

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this…

You’re dining at a fancy restaurant and can’t wait to try the food and drinks, but you’re also excited to share your experience with your friends via social media.

Your food comes out and it looks AMAZING. You snap a few photos, some with the flash on, flash off, some with different angles, and you put your phone down to finish your meal.

Later, you look back at the photos you took only to see that they DO NOT do the food and drinks justice, like at all… Most people make the mistake of thinking that good looking food = good photos…

So, they spend time preparing or trying to get it to look perfect and then get discouraged when ALLL that work results in a photo that’s more or less mediocre.

If you can relate, I have a solution for you!

But first, let’s understand why your food photos might suck….

1. Under or over-editing

Too much editing or bad editing can leave your photos looking even worse and your audience thinking, “What happened here?!” It’s important to enhance your photo without completely changing it.

2. Using the wrong settings on your phone or camera

It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming to switch up the camera settings on your smartphone or DSLR, understanding when to adjust just a couple of settings like the brightness or when to use portrait mode can completely change the composition of your photo.

3. Didn’t pay attention to the direction of light

Lighting is SO IMPORTANT in photography, so paying attention to where the light hits can turn a good photo into a bad photo real quick!

4. Spent all your time preparing your food and no time shooting

Preparation is key, but don’t forget to time manage and make sure your getting lots of different shots (especially if you’re a newbie photographer). Taking the time to shoot more photos can actually help you find your own style!

5. Using someone else’s style instead of creating your own

Use your creativity and ideas to make your own style of content that you’re proud of. Trust me, too many people copy and it might be satisfying initially but it’s not a long-term solution.

Share these tips with a friend, so they don’t make these mistakes either and if you’re interested in learning more, join our community on Facebook – On Brand Food Photography and Content, where we post tips, tricks, and ideas for creating better content.

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