passion fruit mojito mocktail

Step aside winter blues, the Passion Fruit Mojito Mocktail is in town! This refreshing, tropical mocktail combines Amoretti’s Passion Fruit Beverage Infusion, fresh mint, lime juice, hibiscus tea, and bubbly club soda. I partnered with Amoretti to mix up the Passion Fruit Mojito Mocktail recipe! Recipe and ideas are my own.  This article may contain affiliate links, […]

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Sweet Peach Passion Fruit Spritz

The Sweet Peach Passion Fruit Spritz is the ideal fusion of fresh fruity flavors, subtly sweet notes with a crisp finish. This exciting cocktail is crafted with fun ingredients like San Antonio Fruit Farm Peach Passion Fruit Wine, gin, and peach nectar!

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Passion Fruit Ginger Mocktail

Try this Passion Fruit Ginger Mocktail made with passion fruit, coconut water, lime juice, and ginger beer for an easy yet tasty passion fruit mocktail.

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Mezcal Passion Fruit Cocktail

Is there anything better than a delicious cocktail in gorgeous glassware?! Find out the details below for this refreshing Mezcal Passion Fruit Cocktail! In collaboration with BOMSHBEE!

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