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Drink photo setup

Try this Setup for a Higher Engaging Drink Photo

I’ve been using this simple formula for years and continue to see AMAZING results. Plus, I’ve helped our Bland To On Brand founding members use these techniques to not only get noticed but also land multiple PAID partnerships in one week!

Here are some of my simple yet super effective tips and tricks:

1. Center your drink (or plate if you’re working with food):
Make your creation the spotlight of the photo

2. Add in some props:
Try layering in some props like some fancy coasters or a cutting board. This fills in the photo and creates a bigger picture for your audience.

3. Use ingredients from your recipe
Add in some ingredients like fruit or tea to bring in some more color. This also helps your audience see what you actually used to make the final food or drink product.

**Remember you want to paint a picture for your audience using relatable elements.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to create scroll-stopping photos and if you want to know more, then join my FREE Workshop on 3/17/21 or 3/18/21 – 5 Simple Tweaks to Make More Money From Your Food Photos.

P.S. I’ll introduce even more techniques that have skyrocketed our business over the past few years. You won’t want to miss it!


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