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Food Styling Tools For Drinks

I often get asked about being a food stylist and one thing people always want to know about and see are the tools I use to make our photos look picture perfect. 

As you can see from the video, I have a quite large tool kit filled with all kinds of crazy and unexpected tools. But I also use a lot of tools that you might already have around the house.

Let me tell you how I use some of my go-to tools: 

  1. Long tweezers: To grab or remove something from a drink, like a sinking garnish. You can also use them to delicately place items.
  2. Syringe or eye dropper: To remove liquid from your glass.
  3. Skewer: To reposition ingredients inside a drink, like a citrus slice or muddled fruit. This allows a lot more control.
  4. Paintbrush: To clean up hard to reach messes, smudges, or drips inside a glass.
  5. Spray bottle: To add moisture to a glass or ingredients which makes things appear cold and fresh.

These are just a few ways that you can take more control of how your photo turns out with food styling! If you loved these tips and want to learn more, Check out my free video about how to get started with food photography on a budget (a $20 budget to be exact)!

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