Cocktail Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing, but do you know what you’re getting your loved ones yet? If they’re anything like me and my friends, they’re a fellow cocktail lover, always looking for fun drinking accessories and experiences.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together some of my all-time favorite cocktail-related gifts sure to impress any cocktail lover in your life! Any of these items would make the perfect holiday gift. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the holidays – any of these would be perfect for a birthday or housewarming gift as well.

Hope you enjoy this list! If you end up getting anything for friends or family, tag me in your posts!

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1. Clear Ice Cube Tray

Ever wondered how bartenders and mixologists get their ice so clear? This True Cubes tray will get you that crystal clear, transparent ice every time. Perfect for whiskey on the rocks, or for picture perfect cocktails in every photo.

Take a look at the True Cubes Clear Ice Cube Tray.

2. Liquor Infusion Kit

Infusing liquor can take it from 0 to 100 real quick. Have a bottle of vodka that’s not the best quality? Infuse it and it becomes a whole new spirit. This kit is also perfect if you’re having friends over and want to impress them with a fancy, infused liquor cocktail!

Take a look at the Pottery Barn Liquor Infusion Kit.

3. Cocktail Subscription Box

Compiled by mixologists, this cocktail subscription box will elevate your home bartending game tenfold. Each box comes with all the ingredients you need to make a “world class” (aka fancy AF) cocktail in your own home. If you’re trying to impress someone with your mixology skills but you’re not a master yet, this kit is for you.

Take a look at the American Cocktail Club Cocktail Subscription Box.

4. Mod Cocktails Book

My friend Natalie of @ArsenicLace released the coolest cocktail book this year! It’s all about modern twists on classic cocktails. Not only is the imagery incredible and unique, but the recipes themselves are also delicious and very user-friendly.

Take a look at the Mod Cocktails book.

5. Cute Agate Coasters

In my book, you can never have enough cute coasters. Anthropologie has a couple on their roster, but these agate coasters are one of my favorites! They can dress up a scene in a photo really well – and if you’re not a content creator like me, they look beautiful in any home! Very understated and classy.

Take a look at Anthropologie Agate Coasters.

6. Terrarium Cocktail Glasses

Ever heard of a Terrarium cocktail glass? I hadn’t either until I saw Root7 release these glasses. The geometric shape is a welcome visual addition to any cocktail you want to dress up in an instant. These are just straight up vibes to be honest, and I use them for drinks besides cocktails because I love drinking out of them!

Take a look at Root7 Terrarium Cocktail Glasses.

7. Freezable Whiskey Glasses

If you’re like me, you love whiskey on the rocks but almost always forget to make ice cubes. Well, Williams Sonoma answered my prayers because they sell these freezable whiskey glasses! All you do is stick them in the freezer and then pour your whiskey in once chilled.

You could probably just keep these glasses in your freezer all the time so they’re ready whenever the inspiration strikes to drink whiskey. If you’re looking to gift these, include a bottle of whiskey to go with them! I love Egan’s Whiskey from Ireland – it has a really pleasant taste, especially when chilled!

Take a look at Williams Sonoma Freezable Whiskey Glasses.

8. Champagne Party Kit

If you haven’t heard of Pinch Provisions, now is the time! This site makes tons of fun gifts for any occasion. I especially love their Champagne Party Kit because it has everything you need (minus the bottle) to throw a little bubbly mixer. Perfect for a girl’s night in, or even New Year’s Eve!

Take a look at Pinch Provisions Champagne Party Kit.

9. Straight Up Cocktail Kit

You can’t go wrong with a nice cocktail kit. I think that once you become an adult, a real kit is important to have around. You never know when you might want (or need) to whip up a cocktail for whatever occasion. I love this Straight Up cocktail kit because the shaker is a really nice copper. Of course you can’t go wrong with the olives and craft tonic as well.

Take a look at Box Fox Straight Up Cocktail Kit.

10. Flaviar Whiskey Explorer Club

Flaviar is a dream membership for anyone who just can’t live without whiskey. They’re able to obtain whiskey samples from all over the world, curating one of the most unique cocktail experiences. They also have a sense of humor, too – they created a special holiday offer that appears to be a really lame gift at first sight, but then turns out to be a membership to their exclusive whiskey club.

Take a look at Flaviar Holiday Whiskey Explorer Club Membership.

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