3 Myths About Food Photography

Here are some myths I’d like to dispel…

MYTH 1: Food photography is wildly complicated and you need to have natural ability, an amazing eye, and probably a fine arts degree to take great photos.

TRUTH: There are a few basics of food photography that are essential, but once you have those techniques down it’s time to get creative and share with your audience. There’s no need to overthink it!

MYTH 2: You can’t take professional quality photos without an expensive camera and lots of fancy equipment.

TRUTH: Some of the best photos I’ve taken have been with an iPhone. You don’t need super fancy equipment to get started. Learning a few settings on your smartphone’s camera can drastically change your food photos and I’ll show you how!

MYTH 3: You need to have at least 10k followers to really make money with your food photography.

TRUTH: When I first started out, I had under 1k followers and I landed my first few food and beverage photography gigs. Develop your style, post creative ideas, and partnerships will follow!

If you’ve ever thought about any of these, then you’re not alone. But I hope this clarifies that you can do great things with photography. All you need is some creativity, consistency, and an open mind.

And if you’re interested in getting started with food photography but don’t know where to start… check out my free video about how to get started with food photography on a budget (a $20 budget to be exact)!

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