49ers Brocktail Drink

The Brock-tail

Show your support for the 49ers with the Brock-tail, a unique blend of Aperol and wheat beer, topped with blood orange juice!

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The Brock-tail

The Brock-tail is a spirited concoction inspired by the confidence we have in the Niners! This winning combination of 4 parts Aperol and 9 parts citrus wheat beer delivers a refreshing and distinctive flavor profile that will have everyone cheering for the 49ers. Aperol is light, tasty, and adds a gorgeous hue to the cocktail.

Use whatever wheat beer you like, but I would recommend one with orange notes to complement the blood orange juice. To keep it festive and on brand with the team’s colors, I garnished with a slice of blood orange, and a gold glittered rim. This cocktail is a true touchdown for all taste buds – cheers!

Ingredients for the Brock-tail

  • Aperol: Aperol brings a vibrant orange hue and a unique bitter-sweet flavor to the mix.
  • Citrus Wheat Beer: This beer adds a zesty and refreshing twist to the cocktail, perfectly complementing the Aperol. I like Cali Squeeze.
  • Blood Orange Juice: Squeeze in some fresh blood orange juice to enhance the citrusy notes and add a touch of sweetness. Any other orange citrus here works too, like clementine, naval orange, or tangerine.
  • Gold Sanding Sugar: Add a celebratory touch by rimming the glass with gold sanding sugar. I used DecoPac Sanding Sugar.
  • Agave: Used to coat the rim, agave adds a hint of sweetness and helps the gold sanding sugar adhere to the glass. You can also use honey here.
  • Blood orange slice: Finish off the Brock-tail with a slice of blood orange for a vibrant and juicy touch.
49res Brocktail Niners Drink

How to Make the Brock-tail

Creating The Brock-tail is as easy as a game-winning play! Start by preparing the glass – rim it with agave and dip it in gold sanding sugar. Next, add ice to the glass.

In a mixing glass, combine Aperol, citrus wheat beer, and a squeeze of fresh blood orange juice. Stir the ingredients together. Pour the mixture into your prepared glass with ice.

For some added glam, use True Cubes for a crystal-clear ice cube. Garnish your Brock-tail with a slice of blood orange, and you’re ready to score big with your guests!

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired The Brock-tail?

The Brock-tail was crafted in honor of Brock Purdy, showcasing our love of his skills and celebrating the spirit of the 49ers! It’s the perfect sipper to share with fellow fans during the Super Bowl.

Can I customize The Brock-tail for a crowd?

Absolutely! The beauty of The Brock-tail lies in its simplicity and versatility. Feel free to scale up the recipe to serve a larger crowd, ensuring everyone gets a taste of this winning cocktail.

Why use Aperol and citrus wheat beer?

Aperol brings a unique bittersweet orange flavor, while citrus wheat beer adds a zesty and refreshing kick. The combination creates a balanced and delicious cocktail.

How do I make clear ice cubes with True Cubes?

For crystal-clear ice cubes for the Brock-tail, use True Cubes’ clear ice tray. Simply fill the tray with water and freeze, and you’ll have perfectly clear ice cubes.

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49ers Brocktail Drink

The Brocktail

Show your support for the 49ers with the Brock-tail, a unique blend of Aperol and wheat beer, topped with blood orange juice!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • 4 parts Aperol
  • 9 parts citrus wheat beer
  • Blood orange juice
  • For rim: agave, gold sanding sugar
  • For garnish: blood orange slice


  • Add agave and gold sanding sugar to 2 shallow dishes. Coat the rim of a cocktail glass with the agave, then dip in the sanding sugar until the rim is coated.
  • Add ice to the glass (I used a large rock made with water and gold edible glitter). Add Aperol, wheat beer and a squeeze of blood orange juice. Stir to combine.
  • If desired, garnish with a blood orange slice.
Keyword 49ers drinks, aperol, beer, football cocktails, low-abv
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