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5 ways to make money fast

5 Ways to Make Money Fast

Investing in yourself and your skills shouldn’t make you go broke and if your finances are what’s keeping you from pursuing your goals, then I have a few ideas on how to make some money fast!

With our food (& drink) photography program – Bland To On Brand Photography opening its doors in just a few weeks (and for a limited time only) I wanted to make sure money isn’t the reason you can’t join us.

Here are 5 things you can to start making extra money today!

1. Host a low price virtual cocktail or cooking class: People love creative ways to have fun at home these days. Show off your expertise by offering a virtual cocktail-making or cooking class to your friends and followers. Create a menu, charge $10-$30 to attend, send the ingredient and equipment list to all your attendees in advance and host it on Zoom!

2. Transcribe audio for money: Transcription is one of the many types of work you can do from home. It involves listening to audio and converting it to text. These are a few sites you can use:

3. Offer content creation services to a local business: Are you amazing at Canva graphics or great with photography? Reach out to local businesses and offer social media graphics or photos. This is great to offer as a regular monthly service too.

4. Ditch old gift cards for cash: If you have a lot of old, unused gift cards lying around the house, you can trade them in for cash! Here are a few sites you can use:

5. Sell your photos as art prints: Do you have amazing, gallery worthy photos? You can sell your photos as art prints. This may not have immediate results but can bring in a little extra cash here and there, you can sell them as art. Here are a few sites you can use:

If you’re committed to making 2021 the year that you grow your business with food photography, commit to one of these 5 ideas today!

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