...without spending hours per week or hiring an expensive photographer.

Turn social media followers into loyal customers with scroll-stopping images of your product every month.. 

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

You know that a brand is judged by the pictures that portray it. And you want your brand image to be cohesive, to visually communicate a message to your customers. You’ve got a stellar product - you know it’s better than the products out there that are selling faster. But if you're like a lot of my clients, you can’t keep up with the planning needed to constantly have high-quality images to post on social media.

you’re in the right place! 

If you’re ready to finally stop worrying about what images to post on social media each month

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

I think it's time we...



Beverage Curator delivers monthly customized photos and videos of your beverage product so that you have new, high-quality branded photos to post on social media every single month.

We do all the strategizing and shooting so you don’t have to spend time planning the details of what to shoot and how to make your vision a reality... but you still get fresh content every single month. Once you enroll in Beverage Curator, your brand will have a cohesive and recognizable look that turns followers into loyal customers by helping them imagine your product in their life.

Consumers decide in seconds whether a brand is worth following and associate the quality of photography with the quality of the brand - you can’t afford not to have outstanding social media content if you want to stand out from all the noise of your competition. Visually transform your brand with Beverage Curator.

Beverage Curator

Your monthly subscription includes:


Gone are the days of spending months planning photo shoots or crossing your fingers and hoping that someone shares an image decent enough to repost today. You now have fresh, professional photos and videos of your beverage product being delivered on autopilot every single month.


Stop guessing what to write on social media. Every image you receive comes with a customizable caption template, designed to increase engagement and start conversations with your ideal customer.

5 distinct photo setups featuring your product monthly

2 short-form videos featuring your product monthly (GIF, stop motion or cinemagraph)

• All locations, models, props and ingredients

7 caption templates monthly designed to increase social media engagement

• Quarterly social media planning calendar


beverage curator

enrollment breakdown


one of a kind

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

7 custom photos and short videos featuring your product monthly. Includes all locations, models, props and ingredients.

• 7 custom captions monthly designed to increase social media engagement 

• 1 recipe post on The Social Sipper monthly - IG feed post, IG story post, blog feature

1-hour strategy call with Carolyn monthly
• Quarterly social media planning calendar

Then you relax, and we take care of capturing your product!

You let us know if you have any feedback, if not, no need to do anything at all.

We’ll send you next month’s concepts on the first of each month.

Send us your product and fill out a brief questionnaire that helps us get to know your brand and capture your bottle perfectly.

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How does Beverage Curator work?

You’ll receive beautiful, branded images and caption templates on the 25th of each month.

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take a look

You know your brand is high quality, but you don’t have a strategy for getting consistent images for social media... And it shows. 

A different before and after...

Before Beverage Curator

after Beverage Curator

You finally have professional branded images on social media that attract loyal customers at a rapid pace, growing demand and sales for your product.


Beverage Curator is for brands that want to up their social media game without needing to spend hours a week creating content or hiring an expensive photographer. Relying on multiple content creators or influencers is time consuming and results in a confusing and inconsistent look. It’s time to finally make social media work FOR you (instead of feeling like you work for it).

We created Beverage Curator because we believe that building a community of raving fans online - people that know, like, and trust your brand - is key to growing your business and making your brand known.

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY

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some of our November photos



Custom Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Preset: created specifically for your business to highlight your brand colors and help you create a cohesive feel for all your brand visuals. (Value $150)

Instagram Audit and 30-minute Social Media Strategy Call with Carolyn: uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your growth and determine strategies for attracting your ideal customer. (Value $1,000) 

Startup Fee Waived: We carefully purchase custom props and setups for each brand to create that cohesive look, so there’s an initial setup cost, but we absorb that for you. No setup fee and no contract? Absolutely! All the risk is on us. (Value $500)

Your No-Hassle Guarantee- If you don’t LOVE the results and see increases in your social media following and beverage sales, you can cancel your enrollment at any time, no questions asked. 

I'm the Home Mixologist and Content Strategist behind The Social Sipper. I help beverage companies create a cohesive visual brand so they can turn followers into loyal customers. Together with my husband Travis, we’ve captured custom imagery for over 50 food and beverage brands. And as film professionals, we’ve been part of campaigns ranging from first time photo shoots to million dollar commercial productions. 

In the process of working with these businesses (all while growing The Social Sipper Instagram account), I’ve learned a thing or two about what gets in the way of beverage companies reaching the level of sales and awareness they want. That’s why I knew I needed to create a service for YOU: the high-quality beverage company who understands the importance of branded images in connecting with your customers on social media.

I'm carolyn

Hello There

~ Ashleigh, Director of Marketing, Levecke Wine, Beer, & Spirits

“Before enrolling in Beverage Curator we struggled with consistency! We obtain creative from a variety of sources, so our social persona was lacking a cohesive look. Our full schedule and bursting-at-the-seams inbox also make it hard for us to plan out monthly posts. Beverage Curator solved this by providing us with content to fill the month that all looks like its coming from the same brand. This took a huge weight off our shoulders. We have a small team so getting help with monthly content on an ongoing basis has freed us up to focus on our big events and campaigns. 

Since joining, people have taken notice! We have received comments from both the public and the industry on the recent improvement in our posts. Our brand’s social media presence feels like it is starting to finally take form. Our brand has an important story and message and now people can hear it through this amazing content.”

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY


we're here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beverage Curator for?

Beverage Curator is for bottled, canned or boxed beverage brands - wines, spirits, beer, juice etc. - who want more sales and awareness from their online presence. Because our imagery features how your customer can make your product part of their life, Beverage Curator is ideal for brands that want to focus on their customers taking their product home with them as opposed to enjoying it at a restaurant or bar. Our photos have a classic and clean style that works well for many brands.

We use 7 templated styles every single month for all of our BC members. However, your shot is customized with your product and select props. This allows you to have styled, professional images featuring your bottle or can for the fraction of the price of a photo shoot. Your imagery will focus on your product, so while other brands may have similar decor, yours will still be unique to your brand!

A good professional photographer starts at $5,000 for the day, plus the cost of renting a location, hiring models, hiring a stylist, purchasing props and ingredients, buying lunch for the team and more. With Beverage Curator, you’ll get the same high-level visual content for your brand at a fraction of the cost to hire a professional photographer, and it’s automatically delivered to you every month!

How is Beverage Curator different than hiring a professional photographer?

Am I getting completely custom photos? 

When are images delivered each month?

All visuals are delivered by the 25th of the month for the following month. Your first package of visuals will be delivered by December 25th for the month of January 2020.

We plan all the photos in advance so that you don’t even have to think about coming up with the right content each month. We do send photo concepts a month in advance and give you a week to provide us with any feedback. We’re happy to take photo idea requests and will do our best to accommodate. 

Yes! But we don’t think you’ll want to once you feel the freedom of not needing to create visual content each month and see how your social media following grows and converts into customers.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Do we have a say in what content we receive?

It’s Decision Time. 

With more and more competition for your ideal customer’s attention, taking control of your business’s story and creating a cohesive brand on social media is more important now than ever before. 

You can keep worrying about where you’ll get your next photo to post. Or you can finally start sharing beautiful images of your product every single month.

Enroll in Beverage Curator TODAY